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BEAUCHAMP, Mamie E        ( 10/ 23/ 1892 - 2/18/1921)

Age at Death:  29
Headstone Inscription:  TOP: Mother and Baby.Side: divided in two by a vertical line: LEFT: Elise J/Beauchamp/Died/Feb 9/1921/Age 1 day RIGHT: Mayme E/Beauchamp/Died/Feb 18/1921/Age 28 Centered Below Both: Thnk what a wife/should be/Se was that

Personal Information

Birthplace:  Texas
Maiden Name:  (Robey)
Address:  1509 La Branch
Time in City:  28 years
Occupation:  Teacher

Family Information

Married:  M
Father:  Robey, F R
Birthplace:  Alabama
Mother:  Clemons, Florida E
Birthplace:  Texas

Death & Burial

Date of Death:  2/18/1921
Cause:  Childbirth - Eclampsia
Certificate:  Y
Undertaker:  Fairchild Undertaking Co
Plot #:  

Reference Information

Findagrave#:  10518558
O Code:  84
D Code:  9
U Code:  13