Preserving, Restoring, Operating and Maintaining Olivewood Cemetery

ROBEY, Florida E        ( 7/ 22/ 1865 - 5/8/1938)

Age at Death:  73
Notes:  Death cert has 1882 as death year, but census records indicate 1865 as well as children's ages.

Personal Information

Birthplace:  New Falla, Alabama
Maiden Name:  (Hobert)
Address:  3207 Whitty
Time in City:  40 years
Occupation:  Housekeeping

Family Information

Married:  W
Spouse:  Dr F R Robey
Father:  Hobert,
Birthplace:  New Falla, Alabama
Mother:  Flake, Mamie
Birthplace:  New Falla, Alabama

Death & Burial

Date of Death:  5/8/1938
Cause:  Cancer - Carcinoma of Thyroid
Certificate:  Y
Undertaker:  Fairchild Funeral Service
Plot #:  

Reference Information

Findagrave#:  65633280
O Code:  35
D Code:  6
U Code:  12