SAM Inc. LiDAR Project

In the fall of 2012, Survey and Mapping, Inc. (SAM, Inc.) completed a GIS project (Geographic Information System), thus creating a high-resolution digital model of Olivewood Cemetery. This project incorporated the use of Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) imagery of the cleared sections of the cemetery. This type of imagery makes it possible to view Olivewood as a three dimensional digital computer graphic model and preserves the exact likenesses of the monuments and headstones. It also locates interment sites based on a gridding system, a feature which may be very useful in future restoration work.

SAM, Inc. will use data collected from the gridding project done at Olivewood, sponsored by the Texas Historical Commission, RIP program, CARI, Descendants of Olivewood, and the City of Houston survey. The imagery and information collected from this project can be used for the creation of a virtual tour of the cemetery. You can view the result of this project in the Explore section of this website.

Published February 20, 2013