There is almost an infinite amount of work to do in a cemetery that needs restoration and preservation. This is but a small listing of our current projects. Click here for information on how to volunteer.


The fight against nature is our ongoing struggle at Olivewood Cemetery. Several times a month you can find the Descendants of Olivewood in the cemetery with groups of volunteers aiding in cleanup activities.


As more and more acreage of the cemetery comes under control with regular maintenance and care, we will be pursuing a program of plot and walkway beautification

Erosion Remediation

Nature has a history of vandalizing Olivewood Cemetery. Drainage to White Oak Bayou has taken several of our gravesites, and hurricanes have toppled several old and stately trees.

Exhumation of Remains

We’ve had the honor of working with CARI (Community Archaeology Research Institute) in our effort to save several sets of remains from surrounding erosion.

SAM, Inc. LiDAR Project

Survey and Mapping, Inc. (SAM) completed a GIS project, creating a high-resolution digital model of the cleared sections of Olivewood Cemetery. This project incorporated the use of Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) imagery

The Future of Olivewood

Descendants of Olivewood has a longterm plan for the future design of the Olivewood Cemetery cultural center.